Equipped with a long-life tungsten carbide tipped blade - The lowest cost-per-cut, compared to abrasives.

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15 Amp 14 in. RAGE2 Chop Saw with Long-life Multipurpose Carbide-Tipped Blade


Evolution RAGE2

15 Amp 14 in. Chop Saw

“Like a hot knife through butter,” providing more cuts per dollar than abrasives! Stop shopping by abrasive prices, start shopping by blade-life and efficiency. The RAGE2 cuts steel with ready-to-weld, accurate, clean & square cold-cuts with no harmful smoke, no hot sparks or burrs, leaving an instantly workable finish.

This is carbide cold-cutting performance & safety, for less than half the price of the nearest competitor, all backed-up by 3 years limited warranty. Saving you time & money in-store at The Home Depot.

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  • Multipurpose cutting technology
  • The ultimate saw for every trade: one saw, one blade, cuts all*
  • Quicker, safer, more accurate & economical than abrasive saws


  • Clean & consistent smooth cuts
  • Max. rectangle: 3-3/4 x 7-1/8”
  • Max. Square: 4-3/4 x 4-3/4”
  • Max. round: 5-1/8”Ø
  • Fast action vise clamp can be adjusted in seconds
  • Enables cuts to be made from 0° - 45°


  • ‘Best-in-class’ guarantee of quality & performance
  • Heavy duty, sturdy pressed-steel base
  • Rubber adjustable feet which reduces vibration and increases blade-life
  • 3 Years limited warranty


  • 15A motor
  • Hi-torque gearbox & blade system, increases motor & blade-life
Home Depot chop saw retail set. Price claim correct at time of publication: July 2017. *Excludes hardened high carbon, coated & stainless steel.
Evolution RAGE2 Cut Off Saw
Evolution RAGE2 Cut Off Saw
Evolution RAGE2 Cut Off Saw
Evolution RAGE2 Cut Off Saw

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Carbide Cold-Cut

for less than half the price of the nearest competitor.

Versatile Cutting

Cut ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, wood & plastics with one saw & one blade!

Wood with Nails?
No Problem!

Cuts nail-embedded wood easily when working with reclaimed materials.

Workable Finish

Fast, precise, burr-free cold-cuts with no heat, sparks or grinding reworks.


Depth-of-cut remains constant throughout blade life = fewer blade changes.


Abrasives wear & can shatter - causing hot sparks & accidents.


Cuts faster than abrasives discs & much faster than band saws.


Tungsten carbide-tipped blades produce the lowest cost-per-cut, when compared to abrasives.


The diamond blade is available for cutting stone, concrete & brick.

Multipurpose cutting


Utilising Evolution's professional RAGE® technology; easily cuts Steel, Aluminum, Wood (even wood with nails) and Plastic, using just one blade.
Virtually no sparks


When cutting Steel, it leaves an instantly workable finish, producing no heat, no burr and virtually no sparks - unlike alternative methods (shown above).
Saves time


Faster than abrasive saws with an instantly workable finish which means no filing or grinding before the steel can be used.
Saves money


Evolution blades last longer than abrasives meaning a lower cost per cut* and do not wear down meaning no loss of depth-of-cut.
Secure clamp


Fast action swivel clamp enables cuts to be made from 0°-45°. Other features include a hi-torque gearbox which reduces motor stresses, improving performance and durability.
Optional Diamond Blade


Don’t Forget: Evolution’s accessories include the 14” (355mm) Diamond Blade available for cutting Stone, Concrete and Brick.
Max. Rectangle Tube (0° x 0°) 3-3/4" x 7-1/8”
Max. Rectangle Tube (0° x 45°) 3-3/4" x 4-3/8”
Max. Square Tube Cut (0° x 0°) 4-3/4" 2
Max. Square Tube Cut (0° x 45°) 3-1/2" 2
Max. Round Tube Cut (0° x 0°) 5-1/8" Ø
Max. Round Tube Cut (0° x 45°) 4-1/8" Ø
Max. Wood (0° x 0°) 3-1/2" x 7-1/4"
Max. Wood (0° x 45°) 3-1/2" x 5-1/2"
Mild Steel Plate - Max. Thickness 1/4"
Mild Steel Box Section - Max. Wall Thickness 1/8"
Minimum Cut Off Piece Length 1/2"
Motor (120V ~ 60 Hz) 15A
Speed No Load 1450rpm
Weight 44lbs
Max. Angle Cut 45°
Cable Length 6-9/16ft
Sound Pressure Level (Under Load) LPA: 108 dB(A)
LWA: 121 dB(A)
KPA: 3 dB(A)
Vibration Level (Under Load) 1.39 m/s2
K: 0.5 m/s2
14” Multipurpose TCT Blade (Fitted)
Instruction Manual
V-Block Clamp For Prolonging Blade-Life
1/4" (6mm) (Blade Change) Allen Key
Replacement Carbon Brushes

14" Multipurpose TCT Blade

Size: Max. Speed: Bore: Kerf: No. of Teeth:
14" 2500rpm 1" 3/32" 36
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14" Diamond Blade

Size: Max. Speed: Bore: Kerf: No. of Teeth:
14" 6400rpm 1" 9/64" 0
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FAQs & Answers.

Click on the question to see the answer.
Where can I see a machine that I’m interested in before I purchase it?
Available from The Home Depot stores in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Tennessee, Texas, Utah & Wyoming states. Call your nearest store now to check availability. All stores on the store finder have a display model.
Who is this saw for?
The saw is an all-in-one cutting powerhouse. The carbide-tipped blade is manufactured from high-grade Japanese steel, with Evolution’s unique tooth design making it suitable for all trades including contractors, metal workers, joiners, plumbers, electricians, gardeners, roofers, fabricators, landscapers, dry liners, air-con fitters, upcyclers, engineers, farmers and general 1st fix construction.
How does the saw work?
The RAGE2 is built with a rugged construction and has a patented hi-torque gearbox and blade system, which increases motor and blade-life. An optimum RPM ‘chips’ away at metals to reduce chatter and wear which provides you a superior cut on any type of material. This displaces heat unlike abrasion cutting, leaving a clean cut ready for you to work. It’s a registered design, patent GB2438285.
Is this saw worth the money or should I look at a more expensive machine?
Your question is best answered by your needs. If you intend to use the saw every day in a high production fabrication business then you may want a more higher-end saw with better features such as the Evolution EVOSAW380 15” Steel Cutting Chop Saw. If you’re looking for a saw to do lighter commercial work and DIY projects, this saw and blade combination can save you from buying several blades that are specific to a material. Evolution also sell diamond blades for this saw that are specific for masonry or stone materials.
What is the difference between this model and the Evolution Steel saw?
The EVOSAW380 Steel Cutting Saw’s base is made out of a heavy aluminum cast iron compared to the RAGE2 Multipurpose Saw which is made out of stamped metal. The clamps on the EVOSAW380 are also made thicker for better durability and is supplied with a 66 tooth steel blade.

Essentially, the EVOSAW380 is designed for commercial and industrial use whereas the RAGE2 Multipurpose Saw is made for lighter commercial use and DIY projects. These differences are reflected in the retail prices.
Where is the saw made?
It is designed and engineered in the Steel city, Sheffield, UK. The blade is produce in Japan from premium steel. The saw is assembled in PRC passing all CSA stringent quality controls.
Does the saw come with a blade in the price?
Yes, this is supplied fitted to the saw. Additional blades can be purchased online at The Home Depot.
How much do replacement blades cost?
Home Depot retails these for around $65 online. Stop shopping by abrasive prices, start shopping by blade-life and efficiency. The blade is carbide-tipped and lasts longer than abrasive discs producing ready-to-weld, accurate, clean and square cold-cuts with no harmful smoke, no hot sparks or burrs, leaving an instantly workable finish.
Can the blade be resharpened?
Yes, the multipurpose blade lasts a very long time and can be sharpened several times before replacing.
What kind of blade-life can I expect?
According to the World Steel Association, there are over 3,500 different grades of steel, encompassing unique physical, chemical, and environmental properties. Unfortunately we can’t test them all as one test material costs $2,500 and takes a full business week. Therefore it is very hard to say what the blade life will be because of the many factors to consider.

However as a guiding principle only, Evolution’s internal test data concluded 1,152 cuts on one blade and 1,365 cuts on another blade using 1/4” x 2” x 2” angle iron cut in the triangle position. Using the same test criteria, an abrasive disc only achieved 69 cuts.

If the metal has a special or zinc coating on, this will reduce blade-life as well as the cutting and clamping technique. For more tips on prolonging blade-life, please watch this short video.
How do I keep the blade teeth from clogging?
Disconnect the power tool from the power source. Such preventative safety measures reduce the risk of starting the power tool accidentally. A little wax or WD40 can stop the metal shards clogging between the blade teeth. We recommended regular checks between uses to brush away any metal shards to ensure optimum cutting performance.
Why is the arbor different?
To deter people from fitting abrasive discs as the motor RPM is incorrect and this would be dangerous.
Can you fit an abrasive disc or vice versa?
No, the motor RPM is incorrect for abrasive discs and it would be dangerous to attempt it. Also Evolution blades are not designed to run at the high RPM, so it would be beyond the safety specifications of the blade and dangerous to try Evolution blades on an abrasive cut-off saw likewise. Don’t do it.
What are the saw’s cutting capacities?
The cutting capacities are: 3-3/4” x 7-1/8”cross cut, 4-3/4” square tube and 5-1/8” diameter round tube.
What materials can the saw cut?
The saw will cut 1/4” mild steel plate, square tube, angle iron, cast-iron pipe, fat bar, rebar, c-channels, aluminum, copper, strutting, armored cable, cable tray, unistrut, wood, wood with embedded nails, wood-plastic composite (WPC) and plastic.

We do not recommend cutting hardened high carbon, coated and stainless steels with this saw. If you require to cut these materials, please refer to the Evolution Steel range.

When fitted with the Evolution diamond blade the saw can cut stone, concrete and brick.
What happens if I cut through thicker material than 1/4” mild steel plate?
We do not recommend this as it will reduce blade-life through increased vibration. Please refer to the Evolution Steel range.
Will the blade handle semi-hard or case hardened machine bolts?
No, please use our stainless steel blade to cut anything harder than mild steel.
What is the v-block for?
Use the v-block to rotate the material on an angle. This means the steel is no longer on the horizontal plane when the blade cuts it and this prolongs blade-life. Please use the clamp securely as this prevents vibration which reduces blade-life. For more tips on prolonging blade-life, please watch this short video.
What is the correct cutting technique?
Don’t push down like a hot saw/abrasive wheel or fiber disc (which cut on speed/friction) as this will reduce blade-life and break/throw teeth. Evolution saws spin at a reduced optimum RPM with hi-torque.

Barley push down and let the blade do the work chipping at the material. The weight of your hand is all you need.

Start up at full rpm and go all the way through and then back out the other side, at the max speed the blade runs true. Doing this each cut, you will have no issues when cutting mild steel. Use specialty blades when cutting stainless, aluminum, thin steel or wood.
Is the base on this saw stamped steel or cast-iron?
The RAGE2 has a stamped steel base. This provides a competitively priced option for customers that don’t require a ‘heavy duty’ machine like the Evolution Steel EVOSAW380 15” Steel Cutting Saw.
What is included with the saw?
14” Multipurpose Carbide-tipped blade, V-block for increased blade-life, vise Handle, Hex Wrench, Spare Carbon Brush Set, Safety Goggles, Ear Plugs and Instruction Manual.
Will it cut 45° at both sides and does the clamp rotate to cut different miters?
Just one side and the clamp rotates to 0°, 15°, 30° and 45°.
How wide will the vise open?
The vise on the RAGE2 saw opens up to 7-1/8”.
What is the height of the base?
It is 3-1/2” from the feet to the base. The adjustable rubber feet reduce vibration.
Can a dust extraction be fitted?
A dust extraction cannot be fitted to this machine. Please use PPE.
What is covered by the 3 year warranty?
The repair or replacement of your machine (at Evolution’s discretion), if your machine is found to be defective due to faulty materials, workmanship or function within the warranty period (if any part is no longer available or out of manufacture, Evolution will replace it with a functional replacement part).

Use of the machine in the USA only, overseas users should contact the official importer for that country. The warranty becomes effective at the date of purchase (or the date of delivery if this is later).

In the event that your machine needs repairing or replacing, you must provide proof of purchase / delivery before any work can be carried out on your machine. Without this proof, any work carried out will be chargeable. If your Evolution power tool requires attention from our engineers, we aim to have it collected & repaired within 7-10 working days.
What do I do if my machine needs servicing?
Having a power tool go down can feel like hitting a wall, so we appreciate how important it is to get yours fixed fast! The Evolution repairs & servicing center located in Davenport, Iowa, is home to some of America’s highly experienced and fully qualified technicians, repairing and servicing Evolution power tools safely and reliably. Speak to one of our representatives to arrange collection. Call: 866-EVO-TOOL.
Do you stock replacements parts? What about for old machines?
Yes, we stock parts for all of our machines at our facility in Davenport, Iowa. The majority of the time we have parts for our older machines in stock, however we recommend that you contact us to check on availability.
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