Stars Use 'Reasonably Priced' Saws

From Super Cars to Super Saws, Episode 4 in the 20th series of Top Gear saw Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May attempt to bring relief to the flood-stricken areas of Britain by transforming a Ford Transit Van into a Hovercraft.

With the help of the RAGE2 multipurpose cut off saw with it's 355mm (14") tungsten carbide tipped multipurpose blade, James May put the RAGE2 to the test, making light work of the steel box section.

Evolution RAGE Technology outperforms alternate methods of cutting steel. The 355mm Multipurpose blade will last longer than 20 Abrasive discs!* No heat, no burrs and virtually no sparks are created when cutting Steel, leaving an instantly workable finish. Allowing the Top Gear lads to install a new steel frame to support their additional hover craft engine.

For cutting Stone, Concrete and Brick, Evolution's 355mm Diamond Blade will do the job. With this accessory, the RAGE2 is the complete cutting package!

*Evolution's Internal Test Data

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