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3 Year Limited Warranty

710W Corded Jigsaw with Variable Speed Control.

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£XX.XX £79.98
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Please note: If you require goods shipping outside UK mainland, please contact Evolution before placing your order.
  • Cuts Steel, Aluminium & Wood
  • Supplied with 1 pack of Jigsaw blades for multipurpose cutting.
  • A powerful and versatile Jigsaw, capable of cutting many different materials. A large cutting capacity of up to 80mm thickness (wood). The ergonomic, soft grip handle gives superb operator comfort and control. Fitted with a variable speed trigger control. Dial the speed you need, and then, for great operator convenience lock the trigger in place.
  • Supplied with an adjustable parallel edge guide - a useful aid when cutting and trimming laminate flooring, where accurate parallel cuts are often needed. Removal (or installation) of the edge guide is easy, enabling a quick return to free hand cutting when required.
  • Adjustable footplate (up to 45° right and left) allows bevel cutting - a very useful feature when cutting and fitting skirting board, architrave or coving. Positive stops are provided at 45°, 30°, 15° to both right hand and left hand sides, and at 0°.
  • Fitted with a quick release, tool-less chuck, which gives very rapid and easy installation or removal of the blade. A multipurpose jigsaw blade capable of cutting a wide variety of materials such as Steel, Aluminium, Wood and Plastics, is included with this machine.
  • Equipped with an air blower to blow dust away from the blade and the working area. Cutting lines are kept clear and readily visible aiding cutting accuracy. Also supplied with an adaptor tube which enables connection to a vacuum cleaner. Suck the dust away and keep your workplace clean and dust free.
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Product ID's: (230V) 075-0002

Tech Spec & Items Supplied

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Motor (110V 50Hz): 600 W
Motor (240V 50Hz): 710 W
Speed No Load: 0 - 3000min-1
Recommended Max Duty Cycle 30 Minutes
Stroke Length 26mm
Insulation Class II
Wood 80mm
Metal 8mm
Instruction Manuale
Hex Key 4mm
Footplate Shoe
Jigsaw Blades (1 Pack)
Parallel Edge Guide
Dust Extraction Adaptor
Chip Guard (Front)
Chip Guard (Footplate)
Batteries ‘AAA’ x2
Sound Pressure Level LPA:
K=3 dB(A)
Sound Power Level LWA:
K=3 dB(A)
Uncertainty K: 3:129/s2

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