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Sturdy and robust

Supports up to 150kg

Lightweight & portable

Easy to carry with one hand, weighing only 14.7kg

Quick & easy set up

With folding legs

Quick-release mounting

For easy saw attachment & removal

Height adjustable rollers

Safely supports workpiece on any mitre saw

Telescopic arms

Support workpieces up to 3m long

Built-in end-stops

For fast repeat cutting

Small Footprint

Collapses down for easy storage
3 Year Limited Warranty

Mitre Saw Stand

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£XX.XX £84.98
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Please note: If you require goods shipping outside UK mainland, please contact Evolution before placing your order.
This versatile Mitre Saw Stand is perfect for home or on-site use. Weighing only 15.5kg it's light enough to be carried with one hand and, thanks to its folding legs and telescopic arms, folds down to 1000mm x 280mm x 230mm.
Despite being light and compact, the stand can safely support up to 150kg, and long work-pieces up to 3m in length. The quick release mounting brackets allow the mounting of any saw with mounting holes up to 680mm x 370mm apart.
  • Quick & easy set-up.
  • Easy to transport and store away.
  • Fits most brands of saw.
  • Height adjustable rollers with built-in end stops. Perfect for repeat cutting.
  • Quick release brackets for fast saw fitting and removal.
  • Support up to 3m long work-pieces and up to 150kg of weight.
  • 3 Year limited warranty.
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Max. Length Material Support: 3m
Max. Load: 150kg
Max. Saw Mounting Hole Spacing: 680mm x 330mm
Collapsed Product Dimensions: 1000mm x 280mm x 230mm
Assembled Product Dimensions: 1100mm x 600mm x 750mm
Arms Fully Extended Product Dimensions: 1970mm x 600mm x 750mm
Packaging Dimensions: 945mm x 265mm x 300mm
Product Weight: 15.5kg
Packaged Weight: 17.65kg

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Is the height adjustable?
No, the height is not adjustable.
Can I fit different brands of mitre saw?
Yes, as long as the mounting holes of the saw you wish to mount are not further than 680mm wide and 370mm depth apart and the front feet holes are parallel with the back feet holes.
Are fixings supplied to fit the saw to the stand?
Yes, all fixings are supplied for the mounting of mitre saws.
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