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3 Year Limited Warranty

28mm Magnetic Drill

£XX.XX £361.98
£XX.XX £361.98
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+ FREE Delivery in the UK mainland. Please note: If you require goods shipping outside UK mainland, please contact Evolution before placing your order.
Please note: If you require goods shipping outside UK mainland, please contact Evolution before placing your order.
  • Industrial Quality - This compact Magnetic Drill is deceptive in its capabilities; although small in size it is highly productive in heavy-duty industrial and fabrication work. The EVOMAG28 is versatile, accurate and portable with strong magnetic adhesion.
  • Ideal for site use - With so many buildings being built around a steel framework, a Magnetic Drill is an essential product and ideal for site use. It is also easy to carry (with the supplied case) and its light weight makes it manageable to position in both awkward and confined spaces.
  • Supplied with chuck & key, the EVOMAG28 offers incredible value and an impressive 1/2 inch (13mm) twist drill capacity with the added capability to use up to a 1-1/8 inch (28mm) cutter. The EVOMAG28 also features an integrated coolant system for magnetic drilling. Twist drill bit not included.
  • Evolution also offers a large variety of tools to be used with the EVOMAG28. This offering includes a wide range of annular cutters, step drills and mini-cutters. Extend the life of your cutters and get more value by using Evolution Cutting Fluid.
  • Ideal For: Bridges, I-Beams & Framework
  • Includes Carry Case
  • Where To Buy
    Product ID's: (110V) 090-0002, (230V) 090-0001
    *Pictured without guard for illustration purposes. Can only to be used on non-coated Mild Steel. Ensure surface is free of paint and loose rust before attempting to drill. 10mm Minimum surface thickness for magnetic adhesion.

Tech Spec & Items Supplied

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Motor (110V 50Hz): 1200W
Motor (240V 50Hz): 1200W
Speed No Load: 570 rpm
Number of Speeds 1
Insulation Class 1
Cable Length: 2.6m
Maximum Annular Cutting Capacity 28mm
Maximum Cutting Depth 50mm
Cutter Shank 19mm
Standard Twist Drill Capacity 13mm
Magnetic Adhesion 1300kg f
Minimum Plate Thickness 10mm
Magnet Dimension 50mm x 80mm x 164mm
Maximum Machine Height 585mm
Minimum Machine Height 450mm
Machine Width 225mm
Instruction Manual
Coolant System
Safety Guard & Hardware
Safety Strap
Feed Handles
Hex Keys - 2.5, 4, 5 & 6mm
Chuck with Chuck Key
Carry Case
Sound Pressure Level LPA: 85.10dB(A)
Sound Power Level LWA: 98.10dB(A)
K=3 dB(A)
Hand Arm Vibration 0.283m/s2
K= 1.5m/s2

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