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miter Saw Stand

Compact & lightweight makes the miter Saw Stand easy to store and transport. Perfect for making cuts in long materials and repeat cutting.

Sturdy and robust

Supports up to 330lb

Lightweight & portable

Easy to carry with one hand, weighing only 34lb

Quick & easy set up

With folding legs

Quick-release mounting

For easy saw attachment & removal

Height adjustable rollers

Safely supports workpiece on any miter saw

Telescopic arms

Support workpieces up to 9ft 10In long

Built-in end-stops

For fast repeat cutting

Small Footprint

Collapses Down For Easy Storage
3 Year Limited Warranty

Miter Saw Stand

This versatile miter saw stand is perfect for home or on-site use. Weighing only 34lb it's light enough to be carried with one hand and thanks to its folding legs and telescopic arms, the stand folds down to 39-1/2In. x 11In. x 9In.
Despite being light and compact, the stand can safely support up to 330lb, and long work-pieces up to 9ft 10 in. in length. The quick release mounting brackets allow the mounting of any saw with mounting holes up to 26In. x 14-1/2In. apart.
  • Quick & easy set-up.
  • Easy to transport and store away.
  • Fits most brands of saw.
  • Height adjustable rollers with built-in end stops. Perfect for repeat cutting.
  • Quick release brackets for fast saw fitting and removal.
  • Support up to 9ft 10In long work-pieces and up to 330lb of weight.
  • 3 Year limited warranty.
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Product ID: 005-0004


Max. Length Material Support: 9ft 10 in.
Max. Load: 330lb
Max. Saw Mounting Hole Spacing: 26In. x 14-1/2In.
Product Dimensions: (Collapsed): 39-1/2 In. x 11In. x 9 In.
Product Dimensions: (Assembled) 43-1/4 In. x 23-1⁄2 In. x 29-1⁄2 In.
Product Dimensions (Arms Fully Extended): 77-1⁄2 In. x 23-1⁄2 In. x 29-1⁄2 In.
Packaging Dimensions: 37-1/42 In. x 10-1⁄2 In. x 12 In.
Product Weight: 34 lb
Packaged Weight: 39 lb

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