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Evolution Annular Cutters

Evolution offers a full range of annular cutters for a wide variety of drilling applications.

Annular cutters save time and energy when compared to other hole producing methods. While cutting only the periphery of the hole, annular cutters produce a reamed quality, burr-free hole. No step drilling is required and holes are cut quickly and accurately.

Evolution offers two grades of annular cutters to suit different metal cutting requirements;
  • Cyclone M2AL High Speed Steel Annular Cutters
  • Carbide Tipped Annular Cutters

Cyclone M2AL High Speed Steel Annular Cutters:

M2AL cutters have been developed as an alternative to the more common M2, M35 and M42 cutters. M2AL offers many advantages over these traditional cutter types. Tooth hardness is optimized and heat treated to 68HRC to maximize cutter performance. M2AL cutters also include a tapered hardness from the shank, through the cutter body and to the cutter teeth. This makes the cutters more resistant to the torque created while cutting and thus prevent breakage.

Included Pilot Pin:

Evolution recommends that all annular cutters be cooled properly throughout the cut to ensure cutter life is optimized. In order to accomplish this, an included pilot pin is required so coolant can be delivered directly to the cutting surface. The included pilot pin is yet another value added feature that makes Evolution annular cutters the easy choice for industrial drilling applications.

Guaranteed Quality:

Evolution knows that project budgets are tight and you expect the maximum results from the products you purchase. When it comes to annular cutters, Evolution offers an unmatched quality guarantee. If you require any assistance, help us provide you faster and easier support by registering your product with Evolution. Once your product is registered with us you will be eligible to take full advantage of the Evolution Warranty which covers parts and labour.

Cyclone M2AL High Speed Steel Annular Cutters

Evolution Standard Geometry
Evolution standard geometry is sufficient for most drilling applications. Manufactured specifically to maximize hole accuracy while minimizing cutter vibration and extending annular cutter life.

Evolution ID Style Geometry
When drilling through multiple layers of material, Evolution's ID style cutters are recommended. Using this custom geometry enhances accuracy and saves time when compared to the alternative method of stopping after each layer and removing the residual slug. This allows for a single ejection of slugs when drilling through stacked material.

1 in. - 6 in. Depths

Diameter Decimal Equivalent 1 In. Depth 2 In. Depth 3 In. Depth 4 In. Depth 6 In. Depth
7/16in. 0.4375 in. CC437 CC437L - - -
1/2in. 0.5000 in. CC500 CC500L - - -
9/16in. 0.5625 in. CC562 CC562L - - -
5/8in. 0.6250 in. CC625 CC625L - - -
11/16in. 0.6875 in. CC687 CC687L CC687X - -
3/4in. 0.7500 in. CC750 CC750L CC750X - -
13/16in. 0.8125 in. CC812 CC812L CC812X CC812XL -
7/8in. 0.8750 in. CC875 CC875L CC875X - -
15/16in. 0.9375 in. CC937 CC937L CC937X CC937XL CC937XLX
1 in. 1.0000 in. CC100 CC100L CC100X - -
1-1/16in. 1.0625 in. CC106 CC106L CC106X CC106XL CC106XLX
1-1/8in. 1.1250 in. CC112 CC112L CC112X - -
1-3/16in. 1.1875 in. CC118 CC118L CC118X CC118XL CC118XLX
1-1/4in. 1.2500 in. CC125 CC125L CC125X - -
1-5/16in. 1.3125 in. CC131 CC131L CC131X - -
1-3/8in. 1.3750 in. CC137 CC137L CC137X - -
1-7/16in. 1.4375 in. CC143 CC143L CC143X - -
1-1/2in. 1.5000 in. CC150 CC150L CC150X - -
1-9/16in. 1.5625 in. CC156 CC156L CC156X - -
1-5/8in. 1.6250 in. CC162 CC162L CC162X - -
1-11/16in. 1.6875 in. CC168 CC168L CC168X - -
1-3/4in. 1.7500 in. CC175 CC175L CC175X - -
1-13/16in. 1.8125 in. CC181 CC181L CC181X - -
1-7/8in. 1.8750 in. CC187 CC187L CC187X - -
1-15/16in. 1.9375 in. CC193 CC193L CC193X - -
2 in. 2.0000 in. CC200 CC200L CC200X - -
2-1/4in. 2.2500 in. CC225 CC225L CC225X - -
2-1/2in. 2.5000 in. - CC250L - - -
2-9/16in. 2.5600 in. - CC256L - - -
2-3/4in. 2.7500 in. - CC275L - - -
3 in. 3.0000 in. - CC300L - - -

Cyclone Premium Grade Carbide Tipped Annular Cutters

For applications that require drilling in tougher alloys and materials, Evolution recommends using Premium Grade Carbide Tipped Cutters.

Diameter Decimal Equivalent 2 In. Depth
11/16in. 0.6875in. CT687L
3/4in. 0.7500in. CT750L
13/16in. 0.8125in. CT812L
7/8in. 0.8750in. CT875L
15/16in. 0.9375in. CT937L
1in. 1.0000in. CT100L
1-1/16in. 1.0625in. CT106L
1-1/8in. 1.1250in. CT112L
1-3/16in. 1.1875in. CT118L
1-1/4in. 1.2500in. CT125L
1-5/16in. 1.3125in. CT131L
1-3/8in. 1.3750in. CT137L

Cyclone Premium Tap Size Cutters

For tapping applications, Evolution offers annular cutters which correspond to most standard tap sizes. Refer to chart to find correct size.

Tap Size Cutter Decimal Equivalent 1 In. Depth 2 In. Depth
1/2”-13 NC 27/64in. 0.4219in. CC27/64 CC27/64L
5/8”-11 NC 17/32in. 0.5312in. CC17/32 CC17/32L
3/4”-10 NC 21/32in. 0.6562in. CC21/32 CC21/32L

Evolution Chuck and Adaptor Drilling Accessories

Chucks and adaptors enable twist drills to be used with Evolution Magnetic Drills.

Image Description Compatible With Part Number
1/2" Chuck & Key EVOMAG28 and EVOMAG42 HTA153
Chuck Adaptor*
*Required to fit the HTA153 1/2" chuck.
Chuck, Key, and Adaptor EVOMAG50 HTA51 & HTA127
Chuck, Key, and Adaptor EVOMAG75 HTA51 & HTA53TD
Quick Change Adaptor Fits competitor's quick change arbors to enable high performance Cyclone Premium Grade Cutters to be used. Requires extended length pilot pin. QIANMD

Evolution Metal Cutting Equipment

Mild Steel,
Thin Steel,
& Wood


When cutting metals, Evolution blades leave an instantly workable finish and produce virtually no heat, burrs or sparks. This allows the material cut to be handled quickly instead of having to wait for the metal to cool down, as required with abrasives. Abrasive blades can create excessive dust, fumes, smoke, fire and can even explode.


Evolution blades cut faster than traditional abrasive blade methods. An Evolution mild steel blade can cut through 6" of 1/4" thick mild steel plate, in as little as 12 seconds*.


Abrasive blades tend to flex and "walk" during a cut. Evolution blades are designed for accuracy and precision. The cuts are cleaner, leaving an instantly workable, smooth finish.


Abrasive blades wear down quickly. This reduces both cut quality and cut capacity depth. It also increases the costly replacement of abrasives required to complete the job. Unlike abrasives, Evolution TCT blades maintain quality and capacity throughout, saving time and money!

Metal Cutting Equipment

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Evolution BLADES

Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Wood, Masonry, Multi-Material Cutting Blades & More.