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Evolution Cutting Fluid

Extend the life of your annular cutters. Evolution offers high quality water soluble semi-synthetic cutting fluid. When mixing, the recommended ratio is one part coolant to 8 parts water (recommendations vary based on application).

Cutting Fluid Size Part Number
1 Quart COOLQT
1 Gallon COOLGAL
5 Gallons COOL5GAL
Use the cooling paste option below with Evolution Magnetic Drilling Systems when coolant cannot be gravity fed.
Cooling Paste Part Number
10oz LPS43100

Evolution Metal Cutting Equipment

Mild Steel,
Thin Steel,
& Wood


When cutting metals, Evolution blades leave an instantly workable finish and produce virtually no heat, burrs or sparks. This allows the material cut to be handled quickly instead of having to wait for the metal to cool down, as required with abrasives. Abrasive blades can create excessive dust, fumes, smoke, fire and can even explode.


Evolution blades cut faster than traditional abrasive blade methods. An Evolution mild steel blade can cut through 6" of 1/4" thick mild steel plate, in as little as 12 seconds*.


Abrasive blades tend to flex and "walk" during a cut. Evolution blades are designed for accuracy and precision. The cuts are cleaner, leaving an instantly workable, smooth finish.


Abrasive blades wear down quickly. This reduces both cut quality and cut capacity depth. It also increases the costly replacement of abrasives required to complete the job. Unlike abrasives, Evolution TCT blades maintain quality and capacity throughout, saving time and money!

Metal Cutting Equipment

Clean up your metal chippings with the magnetic swarf collector. Plus all the cutter kits and magnetic drill accessories you'll need to get the job done.

Annular Cutters

1 inch and 2 inch depth cutters from 7/16 inch to 3 inch diameters.

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3 & 6 Piece Cutter Sets

1 inch and 2 inch depth cutters & Pilot Pins.

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Magnetic Metal Chipping Collector

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Evolution BLADES

Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Wood, Masonry, Multi-Material Cutting Blades & More.

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Annular Cutters

25mm and 50mm depth cutters from 12mm to 65mm diameters.

6 Piece Cutter Kits

25mm & 50mm Depth Cutters & Pilot Pins.

Magnetic Metal Chipping Collector

Easily collect your metal chippings in seconds.

Evolution BLADES

Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Wood, Masonry, Multi-Material Cutting Blades & More.