Couchton Fire Rescue

By Capt. Greg Bailey - Couchton Fire Rescue, Aiken, SC

"This was a great investment in saving lives."

I just wanted to thank you. We purchased an Evolution Rage Saw and used it today as an extrication tool in removing a roof from a motor vehicle crash in which two persons were entrapped. It worked great! Our fire district next to us saw it in action and they are going to purchase one. Our local EMS will probably follow suit and buy one also.

My chief plans for us to purchase a second unit to place at our outlying station. We are a small rural fire dept and we spend our money wisely due to it being small. This was a great investment in saving lives. Thank you again.

Key Benefits:  
Multipurpose Cutting The RAGE Saw can cut through steel, aluminum, wood, plastic and vehicle glass* using a single blade.
Portability Weighing only 13 lbs, the RAGE Saw is extremely easy to maneuver in and out of tight spots.
Efficiency RAGE Saw is easy to handle, allowing for accurate and clean cuts.
Safety When cutting, very little debris and excess material is produced, creating a much safer environment for the entrapped victims.
Durability Industrial strength for guaranteed quality through extended rough situations.
Cost Effective The RAGE Saw is an affordable solution for any size fire department or local EMS.

*Evolution does not make any formal claim to the saw's ability to cut vehicle glass.
Information based on customer testimonials.



By Chris Crocker-White

"Soon we are getting the steel sheet to put on the roof so of course will be using the same saw to cut that as well."

I have been using my Rage-B circular saw to build a new shed as pictured. You can even see the saw in a couple of the photos - not staged at all! So far I have only used it on wood but it performs brilliantly and is much nicer to use than the older saw I started the project with. It's nice to know that if I do hit a screw it is not going to destroy the blade.

It's been used for notching out the rafters for the purlins to sit in, as well as trimming off the vertical edges of the rafters. Soon we are getting the steel sheet to put on the roof so of course will be using the same saw to cut that as well. It has been a such a good investment that I am considering other Evolution tools wherever available. I have attached 3 photos of the project in its current state.



By Matthew Richardson

"I had no sanding to do at the end – I'm used to circular saws chewing up MDF edges but these have come out smooth and flawless."

I've just moved house, and as such I decided to invest in some new tools - one of which was a RAGE 185mm Multipurpose Circular Saw. I was a bit sceptical of all the claims, but having seen many good reviews I decided it was worth a try. I've just finished my first project (some new bookshelves in the lounge) and I've been amazed with the speed with which I've managed to cut everything to size.

I took a couple of sheets of 18mm MDF, and a huge pile of 2x1 timber and went at it with the saw - job done in no time at all! I discovered half way through that one of the shelves needed a few more mm taken off as the plastering wasn't even - normally a major pain, but in this case something that took no time at all. The ability to mitre all the joints on the 2x1 supports made a huge difference for the corners and really neatened up the job.

Something else which impressed me was that I had no sanding to do at the end - I'm used to circular saws chewing up MDF edges and corners, but these have come out smooth and flawless. Now my books all have a beautiful home in the lounge where they (and the shelves they sit on) are constantly admired by my guests. All in all this has been a fantastic tool to use, even for a simple project like this one. I can't wait to try it out on some bigger projects over the winter! (Concrete slabs here we come!)



By Melchior Andre

"J'ai fait l'acquisition d'une scie circulaire mult-usage 185 mm, une scie radiale multi-usage 255 mm et une tronçonneuse multi-usage 355 mm."

Messieurs bonjour,
Depuis quelques semaines je suis à la retraite. Comme je suis assez manuel; ces derniers mois, afin de renouveler ou de compéter mon outillage, j'ai fait l'acquisition d'une scie circulaire multi usage 185 mm,une scie radiale multi usage 255 mm et une tronçonneuse multi -usage 355 mm. Parmi diverses réalisations j'ai choisi de vous présenter une pièce un peu original. Il s'agit d'un meuble en chêne qui dissimule à sa partie arrière un châssis sur lequel sera fixé mon écran plasma. Il se décompose en 3 mouvements: un mouvement ''ascenseur'' un mouvement de projection vers l'avant d'environ 70 cm et d'un mouvement d'orientation gauche droite; tout ceci motorisé. Le meuble actuellement en construction (du boulot pour la scie à onglet) est donc en chêne avec portes et tiroirs. derrière les portes nous trouvons le décodeur, le home cinéma, disquettes etc. derrière les portes, un frigidaire à boisons et un rangement pour les verres.

Je voudrais également faire allusion à un petit travail que je viens de terminer: je viens de rénover un abri de jardin; la toiture est réalisée avec des panneaux tuiles(tôle en forme d'ensemble de tuiles) posés sur des panneaux de bois multiplex. Afin de terminer correctement le travail j'ai du recouper les rives de quelques centimètres,j'ai donc coupé bois et acier en une seul passe avec la scie circulaire multi usage de 185.



By Steve Jenkins

"The RAGE Saw outperformed anything else I had ever used… I could totally trust the saw to cut whatever I wanted – exactly to size, millimetre perfect."

I was lucky enough to have been bought a RAGE 185mm Multipurpose Circular Saw for my birthday, but it didn't really get much use until the missus decided we needed a new fence. We went to our local garden centre, where we were amazed to find the panels we wanted could not be bought off the shelf. The nearest we could get in store was £80 per panel! After a bit of a discussion, we decided to price up the wood and I would give it a go with my new saw. At £80 per panel, shop-bought panels would have cost us £1600 - the wood from a local timber merchant only cost £300. It took me less than 2 hours to cut all the wood - almost two hundred cuts!

I was totally won over by the ease of use, the smooth, accurate cuts and the fantastic splinter-less finish. I originally estimated it would take two or three weekends to replace all 18 panels but I did it all in one! As a simple DIYer, I felt the RAGE Saw outperformed anything else I had ever used, and the accurate cuts it produced meant I could totally trust the saw to cut whatever I wanted - exactly to size, millimetre perfect. My new saw has already paid for itself many times over and I now use it to make birdtables and garden furniture for family and friends. I now have a new hobby which I would never have thought of before I was lucky enough to have a RAGE saw. It makes cutting wood a dream. Thank you for a fantastic product, which I look forward to using for many years to come.

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